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Who We Are


​We are a co-op of over 30 vendors. Family owned and operated by a husband, wife team Josh & Denise Berner & daughter Reina. 

A Family that Picks Together Stays Together!

     Boy do we love to go picking and finding great items to bring our customers. I was raised going to auctions and fleamarkets. I have always loved finding cool rusty and old forgotten about things to repurpose. Why not turn what would normally be thrown into landfills into something more useful?

   My husband Josh (Barn) used to go to farm auctions with his parents and was raised to appreciate the finer wood antique furniture. He is in love with anything that is curly maple or wood that has figure to it. 

    My daughter Reina was raised also going to auctions and fleamarkets but it wasn't till recently she has shown a real interest in it.  She is a definite Ephemera Collector. She loves old maps, postcards, books, pictures etc.  

     We had a fire that took us out of commission on November 4th 2016. We reopened April 1st 2017 with a Ribbon Cutting on March 31st.

New & Old Vendors & New stock of Vintage wares. 

Like I said A Family that Picks Together Sticks Together!!


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